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In addition to the high protein content, the Maca plant contains a lot of energy and that is not the only reason why it was worshiped as a saint product in rituals by the Incas. According to tradition, the Inca warriors ate maca to strengthen themselves before going into battle. The Incas also ate the tubers to strengthen themselves on long marches. As a tonic, the tubers have always been popular with men and women alike.

The other ingredients of FOREVER Multi-Maca also have very similar legends about strength and endurance. This includes the fruit of the incredibly resilient and thorn-reinforced Tribulus Terrestris plant. In addition, there is the bark of the Catuaba and the Muira Pauma tree.

The semi-essential amino acid L-arginine is also included here. To compensate for these strengthening components, you will find the protective bark of the African plum tree, the saw palmetto, and the important and well-known coenzyme Q10.
In weight training, but now also in other sports, Multi-Maca is enjoying growing popularity so why not try it for yourself?


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