Forever Living Aloe First Spray




Aloe First – aloe vera juice with herbal extracts in a spray.

Aloe First is the first product you should reach for whenever there are signs of irritations. The unique ingredients excellently work as well, as a hair conditioner.

The product mainly consists of aloe vera juice, in addition to bee propolis, allantoin, and 11 natural medicinal extracts wildly known for their healing capabilities!

The best part about it is its ease of use. Just one hand movement and you get all benefits, here and now!

Moreover, it is an amazing addition to your home first aid kit as it helps to heal certain injuries, cuts, burns, etc. It is also an excellent way of preserving perfection in your hair.

Forever Living Aloe First Spray with its natural components can be taken and used anywhere – whether in your peaceful house or on a busy and exciting trip in the mountains.

The product has neutral pH.

The extracts are as follows:

  1. borage,
  2. chamomile,
  3. eucalyptus,
  4. ginger,
  5. passion flower,
  6. sage,
  7. thyme,
  8. yarrow,
  9. calendula,
  10. dandelion and
  11. sandalwood

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