FAB X Forever Active Boost, 250ml ,Energy Drink


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Forever Active Boost X ™ (FAB X) is a healthy energy drink with many vitamins. The intake leads to a reduction in tiredness, prevents symptoms of fatigue, maintains normal energy metabolism, and supports normal mental performance. One can of FAB contains only 100 calories.

How Forever Active Boost works:

Forever Active Boost X ™ (FAB X) has a threefold effect – for everyone who needs strength, concentration, and endurance in the daily challenges of life. Guarana is the trigger for instant power, long-term energy is built up through a special combination of different herbs. This will keep you fit and awake throughout the day.

The healthy drink for symptoms of fatigue

Immediately brings power to the body
Long-lasting effect
More energy through guarana and a special blend of herbs
NO calories in a can of FAB


I have used it as an excellent pre-workout drink. Provided me with the power to deal with the struggles at the gym and in other types of exercises.

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